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“ sleepy town ”
Thursday, November 13 |11:57 PM

I've been daydreaming alot recently due to the lack of rest. Haven't been sleeping 12hours, so I'm pretty tired but I don't wanna sleep.

I'm contradicting myself.

Livejournal is so not user friendly.

Anyhooo, attended my mom's rom on the last day of o's. :D I was quite nervous cause I was going to meet my so-called grandmother soon, for the first time and idk what other reasons. But I was really nervous! I was even shivering when I took pics with my relatives. That is so freaking embarassing k.

I teared instantly after I passed them the present I bought. And I was still telling someone else that "No, I don't think i'd cry." In the end I did.
Gosh, how embarassing. I teared like nobody's business, the tears just kept flowing down. I wasn't unhappy, I was just ermmm elated? My makeup smudged because of that, haha. Thanks sherminh for helping me to clean it off. (:


With bday girl. :D

square & circle.

myself, mei, lin :D

sherminh, myself, qing

edna qing me

My mom! (: hehe, black & white.

After which we went to orchard did some stuff. Some people went back home, some stayed at orchard, then we went back to watch lakeview terrace. Stupid show I tell you, wow I didn't expect it to sooo 'action packed'. lol, it took quite a while me more than a half to understand the story plot, lol. Surprisely i didn't sleep during the movie. (: I slept during step up 2 lor, hahaha, cause i was super tired.

Okay, sherminh was supposed to stayover at my hse with the rest of the clickers, but in the end she didn't due to some thing. Oh well. Anyway so the rest stayed over. (: Viv was the first to die, edna & wanlin were watching one litre of tears, majong khakis (qing, sharlene, amanda) played majong, malar was reading. Aiyo, malar so funny hahaha! Stayover read book, lol!

Slept at like 5am, lol. Next day was arcade & iceskating. :D Hehehe, i'm such a slow learner. Aiya, i think i forgot to copy over the pics from edna's iphone! ): Aiyeh. Booo~

k i'm too tired to continue typing.

Out with wanlin today. (: Shopped for prom, after that went to cg, ate dinner & came back.

i look so happy. (?)

Aiyo air con was super cold till my leg numb like hell, lol.

Going out again tmr, haha. When am i going to catch up with my sleep?

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