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“ laze-r ”
Wednesday, December 10 |4:18 PM

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I happened to be roaming around woo forum and saw this [EMP] thread on the top. Clicked it and randomly asked if he's okay. He actually really replied! Finefine, he replied everyone, so it's nothing special. Haha.

& I can't believe I actually remember he's called xiaobai.

p/s: I am not a fan of his, neither do I actually care about his performance in mfbbt. (His performance hasn't been that good anyway.) It's just purely the joy of 'talking' to a 'celeb' online, haha!

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Ooooh and yeah. Xiao Bang visited my wretch! (Okay, I think I forgot to mention that I do have a wretch blog, lol!) Alright, I visited him first. lol. But still... Haha!

Okay, I'm going to skip now, gdbye.

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