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“ safe and sound ”
Thursday, December 4 |3:38 PM

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I'm back from Taiwan, (; Not feeling very well though, had slight fever, flu and idk what. Luckily it's all on the last day, or else it'd be a wasted trip.

These are the pics i received from mmf.

Sighs, I wasn't looking at the camera! They took a lot of pics, of all pic, they chose this to send me. ): Somemore I look okay in the pic with energy. Tsktsk. THEN I LOOK LIKE THAT IN THE BBT PIC, ARGHH.

Okay and i wasn't even standing beside wangzi. lol.

Oh well, nevermind. At least I took with them. I'd blog abt taiwan when i come back. :D

haha aoquan holding the balloon. ;p

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