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“ Taiwan Trip ”
Monday, December 15 |7:51 PM

Shiqi's in good mood today, so she has decided to upload the photos from taiwan.
(arghhh, i totally hate it when lj doesn't show my photos!)

p/s: if you can't view the pics, please click this.

& it's been a wk, I think, since I came back. So I can't really remember the details.

Day One:-


Reached KaoHsiung International Airport in the afternoon. Mmmm, the airport looks really run down and it feels as if the whole platform's going to collapse when we walked on it. At least that's how I felt. Not a very good first impression.

We followed a tour, and it's quite pathetic. We're the biggest group, there is this old couple Patrick & Angela(I doubt that's her name, I suspect her husband made it up. Haha!), another mother and her son who is 20 years old. Tsk, and they're not very hip you know. Anyway, we're the last to check out, so I think that didn't give them a god impression either. My tour guide looks like a gang leader, who smokes and eats bing lang regulary, ewwww.

The hotel I stayed was kinda freaky because they didn't switch on the lights on lvl 3, maybe no one was staying there..? But I kinda freaked out when the door of the lift opened because I was welcomed by this ermmm, information counter thingy with some metal ladders and all. Idk, but I was just freaked out. haha. But all's fine after they switched on the lights.(:

Went to this place, to visit the temples and blah.

After that went to Ai He, to see the bridges? I don't know. Btw, every star represents a horoscope and blah blah blah, I wasn't paying attention to the explaination.

one of the bridges.

This is 5:30PM in Taiwan. (;

At night, we went to some Night Market. Hmm, I'd say it's kinda quiet over there, maybe because it's a wkday? Haha, I'd like to buy the clothes, but the material is so damn thick and it's not suitable for singapore, so I didn't buy any. Haha, and I forgot to mention that the temperature there is 29degrees.

Man, I thought it'd be cold, cause my mom said it's 10degrees. In the end, it's about the same as singapore. I was kinda hot so I took off the sweater, I was wearing a sleeveless top. And everyone looked at me as if I'm an alien lor. I think they're weird, because it's freaking 29degrees and they wore things like:-

Seriously, is it that cold? It's not even 25degrees. Maybe it's just them, haha. No one wore sleeveless lor, all long sleeves! That's why I looked so weird to them. ;/ I like their uniforms there! And they don't even need to tie their hair to school, they can dye their hair and all. So cool lor. Their uniforms are quite cute, haha checked and high socks. (; I like.

Oh and the xiao long baos there are really cheap! Haha, and I remember, the first day I was trying to slot in the MS card so that I can post some pics, but I slot it into the wrong slot! And it was stuck, but I got it out. (:

Haha, first day was boring, but the tv was entertaining.

Argh and Du Xiao Yue's just opposite my hotel lor. My mom refuses to let me eat it. ): Oh and I happened to pass by Dancesoul.

Day Two:-

Visited Temples againn. It was more interesting compared to the first one.

Because there were more things to see.

That's my hotel for Day two. Haha in some rural area I suppose. I don't like it all wood.
Oh and they sang karaoke, gosh...I felt like dying. They sang "Oh my love~ My Darling~", "Country.... Take me home~To a place, where i BELOONNNGNNGGGG" & I just can't leave the place because it'd look bad, tsk.

Day Three:- HuaLian

Mmm, I think this happened in Day Three, I forgot. ;/ Haha! But that arrow thing is something like an equator. Yea, so once you pass it, you'll feel the temperature difference, of course not immediately. No wonder KaoHsiung isn't cold.

Had this for lunch, it's rice inside.You have to knock it against a rock to eat the rice. :D

We went to some jade/pearl company. Gwah, luckily I wasn't convinced by the promoter. They kept telling me how good the jade is, and how it can bring luck. o.O Honestly, do I care? I don't even wear it. lol. Haha, my mom was convinced & she bought it. -.- She's not even wearing it, tsktsk.

Watched this performance. Mmm, the tourguide says they're pretty and handsome, haha. I think we probably have different taste. ;p

Haha, this hotel is the best. :D My mom was so happy, she jumped and she fell upon seeing the room. HAHA! Damn funny lor.

Day Four:-

This is pacific ocean, lol. My mom's happy seeing it and she says she has no regrets already, lol.

Lunched here. It's an interesting place, haha. Must have cost a bomb to build it.

Told you I slept, haha.

Uhm, I don't know what's the pt. We just went there to see the army boys march in and out.

Ma, got so cold meh? lol.

Went to Taipei 101, I don't know what they doing la, but they didn't go up. I was kinda blur too, lol.

Shilin Night Market. :D I like the Oh Ah Jian. And the smelly tou fu isn't smelly at all.

Well, I thought I could have shopped at Shilin, but the damn tour guide left us at the food area, the queue's damn freaking long and thus I have no time to shop, damn it.

My point of going taiwan is to shop actually. But the clothes are so thick and the tour guide gave us so little time to shop. tsk.

My hotel's near Ximending, so we just walked there at night. The things there aren't exactly cheap, I only bought a bag. And it's like somewhat Orchard Road to me. I prefer Night Markets.

Day Five:-


Ice cream at Tamsui. Actually Macdonald's ice cream is nicer. This one taste horrible.

At some Royal Jelly Place. Tsk, another place that we spent alot of money. ):

Day Six:-

Sigh, my tour group. Sian or not, you tell me.

921 Earthquake.

It's quite cool, cause when you go inside the house, you'll feel giddy due to the magnectic force. Haha.

Finallllyyyy, something fun. The theme park! I will die if I continue looking at all the temples and mountains.
Anyway, my hair got colour lor! Next time i need to bring spot light wherever i go. Haha.

My ma damn lame, she wanted to take the merry go round. So we all had to accompany her.

Haha, she don't dare. So we took it.

Haha, look at the tallest thing behind me, it called the UFO and I took it, haha.

Some tribe performance again. lol.

Day Seven:- Ali Shan

Haha NG.

Piang, very cold. 10degrees I think.

Day Eight:- Home sweet home

I don't even think this is half of the pics, haha! (& I missed out a lot of things. I'm too lazy to recall and all.) I am as bored of my face as you are. lol. I've been sleep a lot throughout the whole journey. So... I still do not really know the geography, culture of Taiwan cause I've been sleeping when the tour guide's talking. :p In fact, my whole family have been sleeping.

Ohoh and I tried bing lang.

It's a fruit, but it's gross. I don't know what they add inside, at first my mom said they added cement. ;/ I don't know what is it, but they added ermm, some white or red thing that looks like wet cement. Gross lor. It's hard to explain how it taste like, but it's gross to me and everyone in my tour group.

And I think the other tour mates think my family's crazy. Whenever the tour guide casually ask "So later you all want to go out? " We'll be like "yes, of course!" Then they look at us like "wth, so late already, go out for what?!" when it's only 6-7pm. -.- When my mom requested to go to the Night Market again, one of the woman looked at me. Tsk! What's the problem? We want to go cannot is it. haha. Her poor son must have been so bored, because his mother doesn't allow him to go out at all.

We went there with 1luggage, 3hand carry bags. Came back with 1luggage, 3 hand carry bags and two boxes. K the boxes contained stupid pineapple tarts, haha. This particular woman was so freaking shocked, and I guess she hates us. Because we're so unhealthy, we sleep late, we like night markets, we shop we eat oily food. lol!

She's serious in a way that we find her funny and comical. Haha. My tour group is really dead.. Haha.

Ooooh, and probably the most entertaining thing in the whole trip is watching tv. Their normal tv's like our cable tv can or not! HAHA! I remember I was watching Miss No Good one night, it was the peak and then damn it, my mom asked him to switch it off because she thought I was sleeping. Haha, I was listening to the tv alright! They were about to break up, tsk, but I didn't bother to on it again because my mom seems unhappy. lol, maybe they were repeating the show or sth, but it lasted from 8pm till 2am (+++ because I was sleeping, i don't know what time it ended)

Haha yesyes, the Hang Ten over there is soooo sooo trendy. Alright, at least compared to sg, it is. Singapore's hang ten sells t-shirts that I wouldn't want to wear anywhere else except heartland areas, lol. But the Hang Ten there sells trendy jackets, shirts that's at least suitable for town area. Haha. But it's expensive, or so I thought.

Anyway, I wished I shopped more and got more things back.