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“ two kgs. ”
Monday, December 22 |3:38 PM

Man, I've been eating so much recently. I can't stop eating even though I'm full! ): Great, I've gained 2kgs since prom. Prom is one of the day that I'm the lightest, unless I was lighter other days but I didn't weigh. lol.

Tsktsk, I'm so hopeless, I need to start dieting and exercising! K i started but I was just too lazy to continue my plan.

Caught Twilight yesterday with some of the clickers. :D Amanda, Shar and Vivien. Qing wasn't able to join due to trng, haha.

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Sharlene was still stuck somewhere, haha.
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Accompanied amanda to spotlight to buy some things. Hahah viv's so into stars. Then headed to Kfc for lunch. Ohmg I ate two fried chickens (maybe that was where my 2kg came), freaking oily but a kfc chicken isn't a kfc chicken without it's skin, lol! Talking about chickens, I'm kinda hungry now. I haven't eaten breakfast nor lunch. I'm hungryyy.

Oh and Twilight's awesome. I actually can't remember what I read from the book already, except for some parts. Edward isn't handsome physically, lol. But I think he has this inner beauty that attracts me. I'm once again in love with Edward, lol.

And Eric kinda looks like Renfu. Aiyo, talking about Renfu.. He's finally married now. I just watched some vids about their marriage, and I felt like crying again. It feels exactly like how I felt during my mom's rom. Gosh, I'm so emotional when I'm not usually. Why so touching. He's such a goood guy. (: heheheh, i remember how my mom said he looks like he isn't and all. But I stood strong and told her he is a good guy and doesn't look like how he is on screen. lol, oh well. He's so sweet and the marriage thing is all so sweet. (: HAHA. What a happy ending. ;D I want my husband like that too, lol.


Anws, I'm going to zouk today. ;) Virgin clubbing experience yo.


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