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“ Virgin experience ”
Tuesday, December 23 |2:57 AM

Went to zouk yesterday/today with qing, mingjun, philbert and his 20friends (-.-), mj's bro and friends (whom i don't know). Ahahahah my virgin experience of clubbing, hehehe.

I think we went in too early? The music's kinda soft when we got in, so we weren't that high, lol. But it got much better after that cause they turned on the volume and all. lol.

Abt 1/4 of the time was spent waiting for the girls to be found, 1/4 of the time waiting for it to start, 1/2 of the time dancing.

Mmmm, our drinks could have been spite since we're sort of with them. But well, everything's fine. (:

So we left early because of this. ): Hahaha but at least 1/2 of the time was still fun. Hahaha.

My clique people are realllyyyy boringgg people, lol. They're fun, but not in this way, haha. Their parents are so strict and I don't think they like this type of thing. Shopping is already too tedious for them. They're heartlanders.

K anyway I enjoyed myself today la.

Gdnight world.

p/s: no pics because no camera and hp couldn't capture objects in the dark. ): Sigh.

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