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Thursday, January 15 |4:30 PM

I should stop browsing other people's blog because they make me so demoralised about my results. Mmmm, it's not like I'm not that I'm not satisfied about my results, but it's hell too average to be happy or sad or to have any particular emotions about. >__<

I'm really not sure what I which course I want now. Actually I wanted apparel design/ visual comm but I know it's hard to survive there bcos I am not creative, at all. It's funny how I wanted to get into a JC so much in the past, but now I can't be bothered to check them out. lol. It'd be nice if there's PLJC or something, then I don't have to frustrate so much about these courses. Gahhhh, 12 choices to fill and I don't know which I want to put as my first choice.

Oh and I'm starting to dislike one of my cny dress, tsk. Maybe I should just wear that to Malacca, they won't know my style, lol. Alrighty, I'm going out now, toooodles.

I am just feeling very ranty now, lol.

ARGHHH, I HOPE MY HAIR GROWS FASTERRRR! (; And I want to grow taller, so I'll be skinnier. I need facial bcos my complextion is like hell now. K and I just dyed my hair red, though it's not very visible... But it's still much more visible that the previous one. I think I'm dying it again bcos the ends are not visible. Hahaha, kkk byee.