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“ Valentine's day! ”
Monday, February 16 |12:57 PM

Valentine's day?
Do you all have a valentine?

Why is it there's valentine's day but no singles day? It's unfair that there's a special day made for couples but not singles.

Disclaimer: I am not here to rant about being single.

Being single isn't a bad thing at all. You don't have to be bound by the boundaries of love. You have freedom and you enjoy it.

However there are just days you want to have someone up there for you all the time. Someone you can interlock your hands with, someone you can cuddle, someone you can smooch and lie in his arms to sleep/while watching movies. Someone to give you warmth when you're cold...

Yea right, though it can be a nuisance sometimes, but it's awfully sweet when you have a sweet/romantic bf. (;

Well, some prefer to be single, some prefer to be together. You?

Everyday will be valentine's day when you're with your loved ones. :D I don't understand why boys treat girls better on valentine's. Give them flowers, treat time a romantic dinner... What makes v day so special? Everyday can be v day! (:

Wishing all of you a belated valentine's day!