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Sunday, April 19 |12:43 AM

Hey sorry for the lack of updates!

I've been really busy with work (yes I've been working!), and now I'm busy with school. School will be starting in prolly a tad bit more than 48hours. I am so excited to meet new friends! Orientation was fun! I really love meeting new people, some chance to widen my social circle. I want to put down my past, (though I had a few lovely friends, I'll still remember you guys! No worries) and embrace the future!

School will be put to a whole different level now... I'm so going to need independance.


Group is important, but then we'll be meeting different people and no one will be in the same class for a year! Unless you are lucky, damn lucky. You can be in the same damned class for 3 years. WOW then you'll be a very lucky person aye... I'd call you a stalker, laugh out loud*. However it is possible for that to happen here.

Ahhh yes, I totally hate seeing people wearing gladiators with what..?! jeans skirt. Ok maybe depends on how you match it, but gladiators with jeans skirt sucks. I've seen old people wearing it, OMG?! GROSSS.

Ok i am very tired so i'm going off nowwwww tata~