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“ *pissed* ”
Monday, October 1 |11:03 PM

I am effing pissed off now. Because my damn door refuses to close & I am super hot, I need to on the air conditioner.


You may want to say:"HAHA! Your door is against you! Complain what shit, our fault is it?"

No, of course not. My maid's! Yes, her fault again. I have no idea what's wrong with all the maids. They think it's cool to open the door 90 degrees. They think their madams will praise them because they did their work by opening the door for 90 degrees.

Mind you, the door isn't made to be opened 90 degrees. And great job, the door is stuck now, I can't switch on the air conditioner.


I am damn pissed off. When I peacefully inform my mom about the situation, she said she was on her way to Mustafa. She asked me to use the chair to keep the door in position first. When I told her IT CAN'T. She claims she's meeting a client and therefore hanged the phone.

So... which is the truth? Going to Mustafa or meeting a client?

I HATE YOU (at times).

I hate it when you take your time talking to some useless shit but refuses to spend time with me. I hate it when you claim that you hate a person but you actually spend hours with him. I hate it when you try to make use of people. I hate it when you lie. I hate it when you treat your partner more importantly than HIM. I hate it when you actually laugh at the messages your partner sent to you. I hate it when you need to talk privately. I hate it when you stop talking whenever he's back. I hate it when you talk to him nicely when he talks loudly but refuses to talk to me even when I'm talking nicely. I hate every single action you do now. You seem so superficial. You aren't the same person I know.

So what if it's for my bed room set? So what if it's for me? I don't care. I rather remain in this room then to see you in this state.

I don't know what's happening to you. You're spending more time with HIM than HIM. I had enough when you and dad divorce. I had enough! I hate it when history repeats itself.

I may be young, but I am not a fool. I can see that something went wrong with the relationship. The problem didn't exist before HE appeared.