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Monday, December 31 |10:29 PM

It's the last day of 2007. Last post for 2007! :] It's about dramas and some emoistic stuff, don't bother reading, hahaha. I'll dig out my older pictures and post later in my 2008 post, tata~

Meh. I've got tons of work not done yet. Geography of food, literature, newspaper article for chem. Tsktsk, this is the first time I ever have undone homework. That's a bad sign.

lol. Watching They Kiss Again now, :]
Zhishu and Xiangqin still doesn't look like a couple, they don't hold hands and they talk like normal friends, haha. Xiangqin became a teacher, okay, she wants to be a teacher. Ohmg, the girl that likes Yushu appeared, lol, she's called Hao Mei and Xiangqin damn nice, she told haomei her story. Where got teacher like that! lol.

Awww, Hebe and Mike looks quite together. :] Heh heh, but why did Hebe say that Leewei's the most important guy in her life? Ohmg. Leewei damn nice in this show la, he asked Mike to take care of Hebe. Urgh, then Mike agreed to marry someone else because of his dad's company. Hahaha, damn funnny, the guys helped Hebe to purchase clothes for her first date, lol!

Anyway, went to town to shop and eat just now. While shopping and eating I kept thinking of bestie and the acs badminton team, cause they're going to Cineleisure to watch movie or something. I was thinking if I could bump into them, hahaha. But maybe they're going there at night. :/ Not sure, bestie stopped messaging me already, sighs. I kept thinking of Masa, cause we went taka the other time. (memories) Ohmg, what's wrong with me. I kept thinking that I'll bump into him (and the badminton team) and bestie! Gah, I think he has a bad impression of me because I didn't really help him the other time when he injured his leg. (opps) Haiyah, really missed him... God. STOP THINKING!

Gah, I have no programmes tonight. No countdown or anything, no friends, sobs. Sherminh's going out with her bandfriends, Bestie with badminton people of acs and her bf, lost contact with esther, vivien's not allowed to be out at night, other friends not very close. My life damn not chiong leh, I need some chiongster friends, like those who goes to countdown parties, sighs. I kinda regret rejecting bestie to go out with the badminton people. But on the other hand, I don't think I'll ennjoy myself there, like all the badminton people and I have one to talk to because bestie will be with her bf. -.- Okay, I am very confused too. I need to make more friends whom are willing to go out with me~ sheeesh, sherminh's very distant now cause she made alot of new (band) friends. People of my age are out at orchard preparing for countdown yet I'm here. Wah, my life damn mundane la. Shouldn't be so emoo, later I cry on last day AGAN. It's always the case.

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