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“ Don't you miss me no more ”
Monday, January 21 |5:41 PM

I don't really like the way I blog now - multiple edits in a post. It makes it so hard to trackback what I've written. But I just don't like short nonsensicial entries about my boring school life, like what I've eaten/done/studied for the day. That'll be very very boring ain't it? It's wasting space on the World Wide Web.

From now on, I will try not to post nonsencial schoolife post unless it's really really interesting, haha. Or my rants lah, haha. No matter how funny I think my life is, it'll never be as funny the real one. What is read from the blog is never as funny as what I saw/did. Unless I have good descriptive skills, but chances are, I don't.

Okay, I hope my new layout will be fully ultilised soooon. But it's really impossible because I'll be freaking busy these days. I've got Add Maths quiz on friday and E Maths quiz next week. And I only knew there's a quiz today, which is four days to the quiz day.

Mr L is getting into my nerves, he hasn't been in class for 3 periods, he ought to give us some explanation uh, plus it's the O level years! He didn't explain his absence, and he only told us there's a quiz when we asked him. He way he answered was damn GRRR, irritating okay! He went like "Yah~ There will be a quiz next week." As if we were supposed to know.

As mentioned earlier, YOU WILL be seeing less of my entries. (1) Because I don't want to update on nonsensicial stuff (2) Wo Hen Mang! (Translation: I'm busy.) My fingers get very itchy so I'll just type in Notepad and deleted everything I write there if it's damn boring, haha.

I think I didn't mention earlier that I think I'm kinda obsessed with bbt that almost everything reminds me of them. What the teachers say, what my friends say, what I see in the notes and everything else! Haha, Qing said that I was thinking too much that everything reminds me of them.

But I didn't thought of them today until... I went to put back my plate and saw this BBT picture on top of a small pot of small oranges. I thought it was Zhong Ji Yi Jia picture, then when I went nearer, I saw bbt, haha! What the hell, who left it there luh, like purposely put there de. HAHA. Then I went to the gift shop and saw Teens/Teenagers, which has Yuzhe on the cover. Didn't notice that bbt was inside until Vivien told me. GRR, I didn't want to think of them, but they just appear everywhere in my life these days.

Anyway, Dou Niu is getting very draggy now. :/ What! Zicong finally hinted Shengxue that he might like her! OHMG, I think Shengxue will tell him "You must be joking, haha." Shengxue very poor thing in the show. ):

Haha, I think Christine and A Jin's such a cute couple! All of my Dadong friends hates Rui Sha (Christine) because she gets to kiss Dadong (A Jin). They kept saying that she very dao tie, wth. I really like Christine and A Jin together, so cute.

I think that They Kiss Again is a good show, but the lightings and everything sucks alot. Xiangqin's very whiny! Zhishu's very fierce, haha.

OHMG I think Ahbu appearing soon! Because I remember this part when Chunmei and Ahbu were quarelling then Xiangqin was there, haha. AHBU! He appeared! :D Chummei and Ahbu damn awkward lah, haha, with Xiangqing around somemore... Yushu's becoming a better person I suppose, he went out to walk the dog for sooo long, but actually he went looking for Xiangqin.

Random thoughts: I want to do Ahbu and Chunmei gifs! ): I will when I have the time, haha.

& I didn't know I have the channel to watch Heroes! Haha, I must be damn slow, but I don't care. It seems nice and I'm going to watch it and get addicted to it to improve my English by watching such Ang Moh shows. :D Haha.

Like Guigui, like Wangzi, like Dadong, hahaha. Not only because of them la, but I just wanted it, lol.

Purchases on Saturday:

Flinestone shirt!

When worn.

Random shots:

I like my hair here, lol?

Till the next post, bye.

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