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Thursday, January 31 |9:15 PM

As the title states, I failed Chinese. What big deal is it to fail Chinese in Singapore, you ask? Yes, it is a big deal (to me), because being a fan of multiple cheeena boybands won't usually bring you this far, it brings you to a distinction and definately not a fail. It's okay to fail Chinese in Singapore, no. I totally disagree to this statement. It is not okay to fail your second language, I know it doesn't matter to 60% (I'm assuming) of the population, but it matters alot to me because I belong to the minority 40%.

Failing my second language has never been a common experience for me. I never failed Chinese in my entire life (15 years if you don't know), I don't come from a Chinese speaking family, neither do I come from an English speaking family. Language has always been rojak, mixed around with all other dialects. Familiar to you all? :/ Back to topic... You know why failing chinese is big deal for me? Let's say I've never failed in my entire life, let's say I liked the subject, let's say I read alot of Chinese stories, let's say I'm exposed to Chinese words, let's say I've been scoring a high B, let's say I never expected it at all. Do you think it's a big deal?

Mrs Tan distributed the papers according to the marks. (highest to lowest) I thought I'd be the middle few, but the fact that students went up to receive their papers one by one but my name hasn't been called when almost half of my class have been called made me worry. Only a handful passed, but when names like Gloria, Jamie, Mei Ee, Bernice have been called before mine, I know my marks won't be fabulous because these names were people whom seldom pass the subject. When Cheryl Cheong's name was called, the feeling became worst, because I expect her to get a single digit. While all these thoughts aroused me, my name was finally called up. I got 17/50. Yes, big deal everyone.

What's done has been done, I'm going to study more, read more and watch more news. I hope that will help my Chinese. :D

Told ya'.

Stress has been input into almost everyone's system already, with the exception of the slackers. And just so you know the O level results have been released sometime last week. It has always been a tradiiton in PL to announce the result reports over the PA system (Your schools do so?), Mrs Lee will then give her long winded speech on the report and build up the tension, making everyone anticipated jbecause she didn't want to announce the top scorer until 2PM. She took up 20mins of our lessons just by analysing the report, I wonder if she writes a script for that, lol?

Even though I wasn't the previous batch whom took the O level's, I was somehow awaiting for the good/bad news. I somehow can relate to Batch '07, I can feel the intensity among them even though they were at the hall and our class was loacted the furtest from the hall. It's really weird because for the past 3 years (2 years I mean, sec one don't know anything) all I wanted to hear was "Last year's batch did well, and I'm loooking for a day off to celebrate." This year was different, I paid attention to whatever Mrs Lee spoke over that PA system. Her words gave me goosebumps and made me anxious for idk what reason. "Last year's batch was the best out of the 3 years" the bold phrase has been repeated by her 3 times.

Once again, she reteirated her points this morning in assembly. Mrs Lee said :"We tracked back the records all the way back to 1993, some of you weren't even born. And we found out that last year's batch was the best out of the 10 years" Right, best out of the 10 years, I was only one year old my dear principal. Wow, I can't believe what how our batch will fair with all these motivation stress talk, you don't know how stressful it is to be after the BEST batch, it'll just emphasize how badly we've done. I hope we can score better and achieve a day off for the juniors. Yes, I'm going to work hard for my 6 points! (okay, aim high, they say. I AM AIMING HIGH)

And so because of the extremely good results they acheived, we're given a day off this thursday, 30th of January. I rather it be a Friday because I don't have to sleep early on Thursday just to go back to school on Friday. On the other note, I don't need to rush SS, study for Chinese test and I can miss CCA! Hahaha, CCA attendance for the year has been quite bad? lol, I only appeared once for CCA meeting, so far. I didn't skip CCA okay (apart from CCA fair), I know the consequences. It just so happens that thursday is a day with alot of school events so I'll get to miss CCA. Now I have to stay back on mondays. Meaning that I'll have less time to watch ezuoju and bullfighting.
Ah well, I went to Vamps for a hair trim cut. Now I'm up with a new hairstyle, no more rooster babes. But I miss Mr Rooster. ):

Bought a stuffed lollipop anyway. I hope it smells like it looks.

Rara has a new toy!

Went to pulau ubin on the 26th of January.

We were dismissed to walk alone with our groups for an hour to explore the plants. At first we were in big clusters, then everyone went on their own (groups, 5 per group) Slowly, everyone was scattered around, yes, we weren't with any teacher or adult. What if we're lost? No one thought about that, lol. It's really creepy because we're really on our own and some members of my group were scared of mud/flies/spider webs/scarecrows/ants/termits/crocodiles/mosquitoes. It wasn't that I weren't scared at all, I just didn't see anything that would scare the hell out of me, haha. After 30mins (I think), somehow Isobel, Jamie and Shiying joined our group. Ohmg, they were damn squeeeky. They screamed at things that they imagined, they got so freaked out over a mosquito which flew passed them. As they walked behind us, they screamed, making my group members more scared. But actually there was nothing, they're scaring themselves, lol.

It's really embarassing when the Kindergarten kids looked at how they screamed. Shouldn't it be the kingergaten kids screaming? Instead, it was the "bigger sisters" screaming their lives away, haha. Anyway, pictures uppppp.





See what the wind did to our hair! My rooster, i miss you.

Pictures from last week, yeah, I finally had the time to post them.

Look so ahlian, I never wear that out la, haha.

I curled my hair, but it looks normal? :/

I miss my hair!

Hahaha, sherminh best. She watches movie in classs.

I'm been hearing alot of Yes! on 933 recently. Every night I on the radio, I'll hear the prelude of Yes! Haha, how coincidental is that? Why can't they play other songs beside Yes! ? Oh yes, they had their concert at Xiao Ju Dan a few days ago... I hope I can see it on television or maybe they can release a VCD/DVD for it? I'm not going to buy it though, all I want is to watch it. They're also going to the gaiban version of the album! Yay, I was right, luckily I didn't purchase the album (as yet). What for do I need so many bbt albums? Hahah. I want the gaiban! Ohmg, I hope they gaiban again with the Xiao Ju Dan concert recorded inside, lols.

Since I'm on this topic, allow me to talk about fanfics, yeah again. Remember I said that my favourite fanfic ended? lol, I found another nice fanfic, yay. :D I'm addicted to Guiwang fanfics, that's probably the only thing that made me liked Wangzi so much - Fanfics. If the author stops updating or my favourite fanfic ends (& there isn't any nice one out there) then my craze shall slowly diminish into thin air, haha.

Know why Guiwang fanfics attract me? Because the way the author(s) portray the characters seems very realistic and close to their real personality (perhaps?) Hahaha, other fanfics seems unrealistic please. It not even parrallel to their real personality. And, I can always picture the scene in the fanfics I read, haha.

Somehow I find that Wangzi isn't very shuai in pictures, but he 'looks' handsome in fanfics.

Gah, and I'm continuously listening to Hei Tan Xiu because of Vivien. She called to ask me if I had the song, I had to check and I clicked it, so it's replaying alot of times now. (I'm lazy to change it) Hahaha. I'm quite happy because I see Vivien slowly going into the BBT mode. She said she's might be watch Hei Tang, yes! (:

And and, there's chances that I'm getting Channel [v]! Then I can watch the CNY specials, yay.

I typed this whole chunk in a week okay, haha. I said I wasn't free to blog, remember? I'm going to do compre before I sleep. Bye.

Who's reading anyway?

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