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Wednesday, January 2 |7:54 PM

Hello, I feel like crying now.

Somehow I feel that 2008 isn't a very good year. Sighs, Sherminh's my everyday partner now. I don't know why but I feel a sense of disappointment. We chose our partners anyway, I didn't choose her, she came to be and bestie was somewhere else. ): Nah, not I don't want to sit with her or what, but since the start of school, I've been neglecting bestie just to talk to Sherminh because I didn't want her to feel extra, but now I feel damn bad to bestie. I don't know, I can't seem to control my emotions now.

& I just received a call from bestie's mother, asking me when's tuition starting. I hate this. Ohmg, once again I have to deal with this problem, I hate it. I know her mother hates me. GAH. I hate dealing with this.

  • This damn tuition is not working for me.
  • In the first place I didn't even want to change tuition not because of bestie's MOM.
  • We quited the previous tutor and came to this. But I am not doing well here, I want to quit but I feel bad because it's bestie's boyfriend's brother.
  • If I quit I will affect the others because they have to pay more money.
  • Me and bestie thinks that the previous tutor is better but her damn mother doesn't get the point.
  • I prefer the previous tutor. Her mom knows that and asked me to go back, but hello! The problem is that I WILL AFFECT THE OTHERS & I KNOW THAT HER MOM WILL HATE ME MORE, AND HER MOTHER DOESN'T WANT ME TO QUIT.
  • I am the EXTRA person because Vivien prefers this tutor and bestie don't dare to tell her mom that she doesn't like this tuition BECAUSE her damn mother is biased and likes her bf and therefore likes her bf brother MORE than her own daughter. But hey, she knows that she isn't happy with her daughters results and yet she doesn't want to change the damn tutor and asked bestie to ask the tutor to give more work. We did ask him to give more work but he only gave Raffles paper. Wth? We are not geniuses like you. She knows her daughter dropped from an A to C, but she insist not changing the tutor. Why am I even in this situation. I dropped from A too! Ohmg. I hate this.

    Urgh, I am damn unhappy now. I cried. I've been harping on this issue since last year okay! Ohmg, I just broke down and cried when my mom called me.


  • I was damn sad just now, even my current obsession (wangzi) can't cure me. Still stressed now (over the O levels) and everything.

    Bestie, Vivien and me cried just now. Even though I'm not that close to Vivien now, I still feel the attachment with her. ): No more tuition means not so much contact with vivien and the time we bond together. Quite sad for that though. I thought I was the only one wanting to quit tuition, but in the end I wasn't.

    I WILL POST PICTURES WHEN I'M FREE. Which is apparently, not so soon.



    I haven't handed up my Chinese Close passage book because I left 5 close passages & I only circled them and didn't write the words out. Mdm/Mrs Tan said that if we didn't hand up on the DEADline, she won't scold nor give you zero, she'll just ask you to quit Chinese O Levels. Yes, I haven't handed up, I am so dead.

    Ah, I can't really stand my partner anymore. ): I know I should try, but I tried for past few years already, geeesh. Oh yes, we don't have to act american kids and walk around of the whole school already.


    This homeroom system sucks, school's always try it for a year and then it'll be demolished. My form teacher looks like Judy Zhou Ding Wei. Ohmg, and he tries to act cool. He's from RI and he gives us his handphone number plus email (for facebook, msn and such) wth? I think he's trying to tell us to add him in facebook and msn, stupid.

  • Chinese teacher is really stressing us even though she tried to put it in a nice way.
  • Literature teacher is old and tries to act cute with her dramama actions, super shit sarcastic.
  • Add Maths teacher is superbly tall and he has eyes that really pop out, he pronounces "all" and "rall".
  • Form teacher looks like Zhou Ding Wei who tries to act cool, but isn't that cool but actually funny.
  • Social Studies teacher is damn cute with her bangs and we kept teasing her because she's out ex form teacher. Superbly super pleaseee.
  • Chemistry teacher is doesn't laugh at her own lame jokes but we do.
  • Maths teacher may be discipline mistress.
  • English teacher has the same name as someone from S.H.E, different spelling though. Strict.
  • Physics teacher will get the hell out of his class.
  • Elective geog teacher is still anonymous as yet.

    I am not quite happy with my english banding because I am friendless there except for Bernice. But I wonder if she remembers what I said to her. Haha, stupif blur pok like me. Add maths banding class is damn freaking stressful, I'm in Band 1 and the people look like nerds, haha, nevermind can motivate me.

    Oh, I broke the school rule by typing that chunk out, I own demerit points. Haha, no they haven't caught me yet, lol.