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“ Ze day ”
Friday, January 4 |8:43 PM


(i know I have been editing my posts, but I don't want just few short lines for a post, so yeah. I'll keep editing until I have a long post. Sorry! )

Hello. :D I went to shop for my cny attire/clothes. It's quite early, yes? But I'm gonna close myself in my room for the next few months (till the end of O's), so I think shop earlier better. Bought 1 dress, 1 jumper(again), two tops.

AH, there's house meeting tmr and tmr is monday which means I have two shows to watch, and then I'll be home late, I won't have time for revision. ARGHHH. Stupid house meeting, go also don't know want us do what. Haha. Anyway, I bought TYS today! Ohmg, it's the first time I wanted to buy an assessment book so badly. :D Good job to me. Gonna go do Amaths after typing this.

Today is ze day. :D Album got delayed.

But I've uploaded it in Imeem already. Enjoy! & Flh's album , Gary Cao Ge if anyone's interested.

Anyway, (don't kill me for saying this), I prefer BBT and FLH's album because it is (overall) nice even though their vocals kinda suck but the melody of the song and everything is appealing. I have to emphasize again that their vocals are just average. HOWEVER, the best songs & vocals came from 5566. I love Man You Zhong Guo, very nice melody and vocals, but then some tracks ain't that nice, so it seems like the whole album isn't nice. & the tracks I'm talking about is (for example) Bu La Bu La. I don't really like the melody because it's kind of irritating. (Maybe it's just isn't my taste.) And the Xin Ru Dao Ge is really slow? Haha, I don't know but it doesn't really appeal to me. Ohmg, kill me everyone. Oh yes, Gary's new album is like okay? Not as fantastic as the previous one, sighs.

Okay, let me edit some stuff. After hearing 5566 album for the past 2 days, it's not so bad as it is, as in all the songs are generally nice except one that I really dislike is Bu La Bu La. Guess you'll have to take time listening or else you won't find the album nice, like BBT's. Haha, the more you listen the better it is some albums listen one time then very nice already, like for example: JJ? Haha, don't know.

Ah and yes, I don't know why but I feel damn fraeking happy when bbt topped the gmusic chart, winning F4. It's like the big woo haa news, I shall not say everywhere, but those places that bbt fans appear at, like forums. It is damn shocking because my mom thought that F4 would top the charts, and I trust her taste and therefore think the same way as she does, but no, F4 is somewhere else I don't know where. I wouldn't be that happy if F4 topped the charts (i guess), so I think my current obession for bbt is still much more higher than F4's. Haha.

& I listened to 933FM today to hear if bbt was in the charts, ah well, then I had to go for breakfast at 12noon. Decided not to listen the radio because I wanted to eat and watch Huan Huan Ai, but then when the DJ said "There's 3 new songs from the boybands in the charts this week." Ohmg, I was damn freaking nervous. (idk why) Still, I did not want to listen to the radio because I was damn hungry, so I walked down. But I just couldn't resist the temptation, so I ran up to look for my speakers for my Sony Ericsson phone, then watched Huan Huan Ai and listened to 933FM at the same time. I couldn't much be bothered when F4's song was played on the radio, maybe because it is common for them to be heard on the radio, haha. Then I heard BBT'S song few mins later, it's number 14 (i think), ohmg, I immediately off the television to listen to their song, even though it wasn't that nice. -.- haha. It's just shocking to hear their songs on the radio, especially local channel because I never thought they'll make it to Singapore, because I never heard their songs on radios even though they've released they're albums, unlike 5566. Haha, okay, so the whole point of this paragraph is that - I was high because bbt made it to the local charts! LOL. Damn happy. And I heard that 5566 was 10th? Wasn't sure, haha, didn't continue hearing the radio because my mom used my hp to listen to some other music. Heh heh. Go 5566 and bbt. :D Flh also lah, but they too famous liao, don't need me to jiayou.

*/end of edit

Today kinda screwed up because my leakage of the news that I quited tuition to Qing's mother. They got into cold war again, because of me. Sighs. I feel super bad because I've been causing problems for bestie, sighs. I didn't know that I caused so much trouble. *detailed entry soon*

I am going to blog this weekend, so till that very day, this post shall be at the top. Which means that I won't blog in the time being, because I've been busy with schoolwork.

I'm relaxing myself by watching Gossip Girl. Haha, finally a new episode. Btw, my form teacher is really inspiring and motivating. :D Very good. Everyone felt like studying after live lesson (If you don't know, it's something like contact time with teachers) because of what he said. Nothing special, but it's just motivating. Very good teacher so far. But the worst part is that we had Literature after Live lesson, sighs. All the motivating went to the drain because KEL isn't motivating, super shit sarcastic.


Let me update on 01012008. :D

Met up with Qing at AMK Hub to eat waffles. Haha, we acted like are like retards in NeBo. We were soo stupid, we didn't know what's the game package, and there were no waffles so we ordered ice cream and a drink. The man at the cashier kept laughing at us pleasee. Ah, then we realised that we only ordered one drink so we went back to the cashier and ordered another drink, gave him Jinghao's NeBo card again, this time he realised that the picture wasn't Qing and then kept giggling again, lol. Then we were damn retarded because we didn't know how ask them for the games to play, lol. The same guy at the cashier laughed at us again, tsk! How can he laugh at his customers! haha. So we chilled there with the ice creams, drinks and games all the way till 6PM. :D Quite a nice place to hang out.

My ice cream.

She was praying. She didn't want to land on my territory, cause it will cost a bomb.

But in the end, I lost because she ate up all my money with one damn house! Hahaha.

Oooh, and the monopoly is spongebob one leh!

So we walked around, chatted in the baby room beside the toilet. Shopped and slacked around, then we went to the arcade. Haha, pushed her into the neoprint machine to camwhore. :D lol, she bluff me lah, she said she didn't like to camwhore because she's not photogenic, then after that I told her "eh, don't need camwhore liao la, you don't like." then she replied.. "No! I like to camwhore." Huh, like since when? haha. But I know that she like to camwhore alone at home, like me lah. (but that's because I have no one to camwhore with me.)

We got kicked out because we were kept hogging at the machine, so we played basketball, ate sushi, walked around then she kept sneezing and tearing. Tsktsk, sick liao. Her makeup smudged and then we were like losers, we went to shops so she can draw her eyeliner back. lol! The first shop we went to was okay, as in they didn't see it cause I was blocking, then after that the woman kept staring at us. -.- The second shop we went was damn strict can! They kept staring since we walk in. Haha, in the end eyeliner also never draw properly.

My pants look so bubbly, it's not okay! haha.

Haha, so cute ah bestie.

*tongues out* fats out.

Hug you "my fair lady" *inside joke*


PS: The ones at the bottom were taken by bestie's phone, so the colour looks different.


Why do I look so photoshopped? haha.


Me candid.


Hugs you wifey. *repeated shot*




Stare what stare.


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