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Friday, February 29 |9:18 PM


On this very special day which comes about one time in 4 years, shiqi:
  • started a fanfic [Baidu / Winglin] please support, thankyou
  • skipped school
  • did not study at all

    I rejected all calls I had because apparently I only told sherminh, qing, chin and isobel (but not vivien) that I'm skipping school. Vivien called me at 12:30PM and I rejected her call because my intuition tells me that something bad is happening 3 bus stops away (which is my school). After my phone stopped vibrating, my house phone rang, and obviously it was Vivien. Something ain't right is happening over there, how do I know? Vivien does not use phone in school, what more calling me with the phone? She was pissed yesterday because I told her I was sick and am not going to school. (wth?) I don't know what has happened because I had no one to ask, sherminh skipped school too, qing's having her badminton finals and the rest won't know what's happening because it's live lesson and we're supposed to be in groups. So the only one I could ask was Mei Ee, apparenly I can't confess to her that I skipped school because Vivien will be beside her and she will tell Vivien, so I'm still very puzzled over the fact that vivien called me.

    I think Mr Lim is a very nice teacher. He texted me "Ok. Do rest well. (: see you next monday. (:" this morning. Okay, partly because I had to report to him that I'm not going to school la, but how many teachers will reply to such message with so many words and smileys? He volunteered to open up a tuition class for 4B2, that's very nice of him because he doesn't teach sciences (in our school) and I wouldn't affect his pay, haha.

    Since I didn't appear in school, I had to take an MC to cover myself up. If I didn't have the camp I wouldn't even need an MC to cover myself up, but unfortunately I had camp today and tomorrow, so there's a need for my MC because Ms Gan will be furious as many sec 4s didn't turn up for the camp. I wanted to go to Loh Clinic for my MC but then it was closed. I went to the one beside it.

    I thought I wouldn't be able to get an MC because there was this Indian Man who demanded for 3days MC, yesterday, today and tomorrow. The admin came out and lectured him

    Admin: Mr blahblahblah
    Man: Yes?
    Admin: You want 3 days MC?
    Man: Yes.
    Admin: No, you can't get 3 days MC.
    Man: Why? I am sick. (He doesn't even look sick for goodness sake)
    Admin: If you are sick you come back and check tomorrow then we can give you tmr's MC.
    Man: What?! But why? I AM SICK.
    Admin: The more you should come back for checkup tomorrow to see if you're sick. You should recover by tomorrow.
    Man: ...
    Admin: I can only give you yesterday's MC.

    The man angrily stomps away.

    Wapiang, then my mother and I had the same thought: Come to wrong clinic already. Doctor so niao. Damn hard to get MC.
    I was damn depressed because I had my ID card with them, so I couldn't just run away like that. No choice but to go in to see the doctor. Yes, I went in and acted as if I was in pain, slouged so low as if I was hunched back. Told her I had stomach ache then she touched my stomach and said "Bloated" Went back to the chair and then she asked if I had CCA tmr, replied yes and she gave me two days MC, lol! She was saying Yeah, that area will be very pain. You have gastric flu. So don't eat fried stuff and too oily stuff la. Should be fine." Then my mom act act "Don't drink cold water la you!" haha.

    Damn funny, I felt like laughing when I walked out. What? I have gastric flu?! I don't even know it.

    The reception gave me two medicine and then said "Too much air inside can be very pain..." HAHAHAH! Damn funny, I was pretending to be sick but ended up that I have gastric flu!

    I still regretted not going to school today because I missed the chance of seeing the B div badminton finals. I didn't support qing today when I'm supposed to, she won anyway. (: PL lost though, I'm sure they played well and B1/B2 cheered for them loudly. I really badly wanted to go to the match because it's can serve as some class bonding time, sighs. I wanted to experience that atmosphere againnnn. I remember the exciting Anglican & PL match last week.

    Hmm, mo fan 14 bang kinda motivates me. The way I see them striving so hard for their goal, the way they work in the team... Makes me reflect on myself. I realise that I haven't been a great groupie, I realise how much I have to learn and improve. I should work hard for this year, go shiqi!
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