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“ Where's cupid? ”
Saturday, February 16 |6:33 PM

"How come your hamburger (the gummy) is sour de! Not fair." -Vivien
"Because I'm too sweet, neutralization is needed. " -Shiqi


When everyone else in the world is out dating their bfs, here I (or the PL lites) am studying and mugging my head off for cts. While I stay in my room and cry because I can't take it anymore, couples are out there having their candlelight dinner.

Cupid must be painted blind for not giving me a valentine. Yes, I know he/she is painted blind in Shakespherian's text. Stop reminding me about Literature. (:

I do actually wish that I have a Valentine, I wish I had someone to share everything I wanted to. Partly because my bestfriend has hers already, and I can't now call her up everyday to talk because she'll be talking to her bf. I go out less with her because she'll be out with him, argh. She makes me want to have a bf, sighs. Even Vivien has a crush, me? I don't even know if that's counted as a crush, lol? If it is, I had one last year. We used to msg each other everyday about everything, then suddenly everything faded day by day.

And by some chance, I dreamt of him yesterday. He was my boyfriend in my dream. (: Okay, it's not ever going to come true, so wake up shiqi. It's not even the time to get into a relationship.

My absence in the internet world is quite explainable isn't it? If you still don't get the hint - I AM HAVING MY CTS. Screwed up humanities, but I think I'm able to get full marks for Emaths paper, that is, if what Pearlyn said is false. I hope to aim for A1, haha.

I should go back to my chemistry. Mole concept!

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