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“ Dilemma ”
Monday, March 10 |10:50 PM


Watched Step Up 2 with my family two nights ago. (the day I went to Ubin) In the first place I shouldn't be so chiong to watch it because I was already very tired. The girl wasn't really pretty, so I couldn't be bothered to watch her face too, haha. Then I was too tired I really can't be bothered to even spot hunks, so I slept through the boring part when they talked, then I woke up. My eyelids were so heavy, I couldn't even open my eyes when they're dancing with uber high music. In the end, I decided to sleep through the movie.

When the whole thing ended, I tried to act as if I was awake througout the whole movie. We walked all the way out, I thought I managed to fake my mother or something. In the end she said "You slept during the movie right?" LOL.

I don't know what's wrong with me. But I'm very tired nowadays. Even the holidays when I don't even do much la.
I just had two trial tuition sessions. Yesterday and today. I am oh so stuck with the choices!

Yesterday's tutor is called Wendy,
  • former secondary school teacher (reason of quiting? Unknown)
  • boring
  • super ultra unfriendly
  • does not really care how I'm doing in school
  • a miniature of Mr Cheung (:
  • i understand what she's teaching
  • faster speed compared to Jad
  • cheaper

    Today's tutor is called Swee Xiang/Jad
  • NIE teacher
  • overly friendly
  • more approachable
  • cares how I'm doing in school
  • miniature of Jingming ):
  • i understand what he's teaching
  • slower speed compared to Wendy
  • more expensive

    Gahgah, I wished I had a tutor with Jad's friendlyness and Wendy's professionalism. *growls* I would have chosen Wendy, but it feels bad to reject Jad because:
  • he is willing to come all the way from Choa Chu Kang to Kovan (which takes like forever to come)
  • HE IS FROM CITYHARVEST! (this isn't the main point) And Zong Xing knows him.

    It's so hard to reject him because he is Zong Xing's friend (and I believe that they're from the same cell group), and Zong Xing keeps pestering me and telling me how good Jad is when I only find him OKAY. If I were to reject Jad, I'll still have to face Zong Xing la. My mother doesn't understand this, because she doesn't know the situation I am in now. ): Whao, if she just reject him Zong Xing confirm will come and ask me why la! Arghhhhh.

    He just msged me and asked how was tuition. I replied "okay lo..." then he was like "you respond like that to all of your tuition? do you know I'm with your tuition teacher?" Obviously, I know the fact that you're quite close to Jad that's why I wouldn't reply you "very good!" or "very bad!" because he'll feedback to Jad right. ARGH. HE IS GOING TO ASK ME WHY I FIRE JAD LAH. OHMG. I HATE THIS TYPE OF RELATIONS. SOMEMORE JAD IS TOO NICE TO BE REJECTED. ARGH

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