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Sunday, April 13 |3:03 AM

Sports day

This year's sports day wasn't very happening as I thought it would. I wanted it to be a memorable day for me because it's my last sports day in PL. It was memorable but it wasn't high at all.

Vivien had to do her duty because she was in sports comm, qing was out fighting against some other school, wanlin had her photography club duty, evon migrated to chew, fiona wasn't there, glennice & charlene had relay. Gosh, I was only left with sherminh.

Ohwells, so I migrated to Dodsworth, which was beside Lee. Slacked 90% of the time, I wanted to be high, but sherminh's so heck-carish. I wouldn't want to scream by myself.

I was supposed to be there running, haha.

Lee house cheer like shit okay, oh-so-oldie. ): Dodsworth cheer was a nice rendition of LOW and some other new songs. (: I cheered for dodsworth. & I finally escaped from mass run this year! Long story to type, but I did escape with all the naggings from Ahliang (Ms Liang) and the D&T teacher.

After that, me and sherminh went to vivien's house to do our cip name tags. I admit we were kind of last minute. I was high over the Crank Dat song.

One sleep, one play psp. -.-

This is vivien's house.

beside de condo.

What's so funny babeh?

Blister after cca race,

this is worst,

Mine isn't that bad(:
Pulau Ubin Trip!

The 'long-waited' pulau ubin trip! We met up with the little 'devils', from some childcare centre. There was this super cute girl, and vivien insisted on taking her, I was quite pissed because she judged the kids with their appearance.

She only treats her TIA OH, yes, that girl is called Tia Oh, nicely. I am so pissed la. How can she do this! I know everyone likes Tia Oh because she's cute and has the Angela hairstyle, but we shouldn't discriminate the kids right! If we all react the same way, the other kids will feel offended la. How can she do that! Tsk.

Anyway, I took care of this boy called Ari.

He's damn playful la, even though he is cute.

Quite fun bringing the kids around but seriously la, Ari wants to take photo of every single thing.

Art competition. (: This is Yi Shi, from my group too.

Zhiwei & Ari

Very cute right!


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