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“ hyped up ”
Sunday, May 25 |12:37 AM

Chinese O's is just tomorrow.

This is, my exam hall.

Well, I got back my results for midyears. Totally screwed up (i mean it really screwed, like failing 6 subjects) Surprisingly, I'm not boasting, I got 9th in class. It's not even something to be proud of. My results can't even get me to a college, I can't even get into a poly. That's how bad the whole cohort did.

Even the A class had minimal A's. As little as 2 people got A's for combined Humans. I can't remember the rest though.

I was shocked when I got back the results. No one except Q knew my rank at first. People discussed their ranks and all but I kept quiet, I didn't really want to be seen as "boasting", you know? So I just quietly sat around and commented that I did badly. By the time people shared their ranks, they got alittle too excited over it, so I didn't quite have the chance to say. Haha.

A asked my rank while she was discussing with Q. V said she was second last in class, S said that she was the 3rd last in class. Before I could even say anything, S commented/boasted or whatever shit "She ah, confirm get 20plus one la!".

Excuse me, who are you to even comment that I get 20plus. I don't know why but you do piss me off when you say things like that. I do not get pissed if V or Q say the same thing. Who are you to say this and how dare you. What's your rank? Excuse me, I am so damn pissed. You don't even know me, so don't try to act as if you do. The Shiqi you know is just the superficial me, you don't even know who I really am deep inside. Tsk!

Just because Q did badly this time, doesn't mean I did badly. Okay, I did badly, but compared to the rest, I didn't. Shut your mouth. Tsk! And yes, then after A knowing that I supposedly got 20plus, she didn't probe further, so well, only Qing knew my rank.

Yesss, I can't stand it when you have to use my correction tape. I know I'm being very petty over here. But who uses my tape and all does affect my mood. Same thing here, if it's anyone else, I would be most willing to lend them use all the tape. But you, no!

You came all the way from the back, called me by my full name
and demanded me for the tape. I was already not quite happy when you said "Okay, then I shall accompany you." because I wanted to go Popular to buy my stationeries. I don't need your accompany, it's more like you need my accompany so that you can eat your bloody KFC. You make it sound like I am desperate for your company, sorry to disappoint you, I am not.

You demanded for the tape, I asked why. You said you need it for your Ten Year Series. My goodness, it's just a bloody TYS. I am sure that if you use it, you'll use alot. I showed signs of rejection. "You got your own why don't want to use?!"
"Mine finished"
"Then don't use."
"But you don't need it."
"Why you need it?"
"For my ten year series lah!"
*reaches for my tape*
"Don't use la, wah lao eh. Ten year series also must use ah!"
"Must be neat"

Wth, neat. Since when were you even neat? Tys just cancel la, like you need it in the future! USE RULER TO CANCEL ALSO NEAT OKAY. I'm sorry, I am not usually like that. It's because I've been too good to her usually, that she takes advantage of me. So, I'm not quite happy with her now. Little actions of her spite me up.

& My god. I didn't even want to eat lunch with her. Just because I was going to Heartland doesn't mean I have to lunch with her. Tsk! She's the champion. She knows that if she asks other people along I will confirm go. Great, she asked Mei along. So, I went. And wtf, just because she wanted to eat KFC we all have to follow her and eat KFC. Who are you man. And you know it very well that I do not eat outside (with you in particular), why did you even ask me to accompany you?

I was hungry but I didn't eat because I didn't want to eat with you and that I want you to know that I HATE KFC (even though I don't), just because you're eating it, I choose to hate it. You said you wanted to go on a diet, how do you do that la. You eat so much snacks, drink so much sweetened drinks, eat so oily fast food. You won't get skinny please. YOU WOULDN'T. I will suan you if you still stay the same after your so called intensive exercise. I want to see how you do it, I want to see how you slim down. And if you starve yourself to slim down, I'll laugh. You're so pathetic, you can't control your diet that you have to starve. Go ahead. Starving to slim down is stupid.

Your actions just pisses me off. I tried to be nice to you but you took advantage of me again and again. I should just be nasty for awhile.

Sorry, this is abit emotional and personal. I can't stand it already.

Most memorable thing of the week was:

Gossiped with viv on the phone till 4am, woke up at 6:15AM and breakfasted with viv. We talked so so so much about guys, I couldn't believe that side of her, it was just so not her. Haha. Talked friendships and boyfriends. (; Yay, it's fun talking to her. But you never know how she'll suan you or accidentally expose the secrets. -.-

I never even told Q those stuffs I told her. Shrungs. I think something is changing between us. We're drifting, once again. I tried to pull us back together, but you're just doing nothing.

I hope our 10year friendship is strong enough to pull us back again.

Yup, we lunched at Kfc. I was sitting infront of her. God, I felt so sian because I have nothing to talk.

She was laughing at our (viv's and myself) convo about ____, lol.

Then Viv laughed too. Mei Ee was laughing at their laughter. I was laughing but I was taking pictures. And I was oblivious about S who doesn't find it funny at all.

All hyped up for the upcoming Chinese O's! I hope I can score well, I've been studying hard. (:

If I want something, nothing can stop me.

I do not want to be average anymore, average isn't an option. :P


Dating Mr Chinese later.

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