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“ pillow fights ”
Saturday, May 3 |4:23 AM

It's 4:26AM right now, what a ungodly hour to blog. I haven't been taking regular sleep, there goes my 12hour sleep. ); Stupid last minute revisions, gah.

I only managed to do Differentiation and Integration. I can't even remember my last year's work. Jojo's so gonna kill me tomorrow.

Emotions have been getting control over me. I am found to be stressed and pissed all the time. I'm sorry, I can't control my emotions right now. Exam stress you see.

My mom's sleeping right behind me now. She's always sleeping in my room, -.-. Using excuses such as "Oh, your room is colder." Stupid right! (Ohmg, I don't know when have I started adopting such blogging tone) Maybe she just wants to spot check me.

You see her there.
How can she tolerate the lights, music and noises? She's obviously just trying to make excuses to check me. I know that, I know that.

Gah, I'm not loving amaths anymore. );

It's passed 4AM, I can actually walk over to Kovan to buy McGriddles. I want to eat something, my stomach's growling. I'm going to wake up 2 hours later to check my alarm and then sleep till 10 I suppose. Do lots and lots of maths sums and then read literature and then burn midnight oil. Last minute preparations suck. Ohmg, my life is so meaningless. I'm going to stop staring here and start revising for Prelims! (I hope I can do it) Let's see how I survive through my Mid years first.

Had great time, haha. Besides that she wakes up super early!

We were super crazy. We danced and choreographed our own dances for qing to see, haha. It was really really fun and joyous.

PL jacket shall be my friend.

I don't know what I'm talking or blabbering about! Good morning.

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