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“ they're back they're back ”
Friday, June 20 |10:37 PM

Dear came over with all those gifts from Japan. (:

Dear got me this, haha. Mickey and Minnie mouse purse. Thanks (L)

Ohyeah, viv came over to collect her dvd. She just came back from Japan too, haha. Sent her to heartland, met Fiona, Moykit & Claris. And a few schoolmates. They're most probably going for guitar concert. I gave it a miss, it seems boring anyway.

viv brought sweets back for me, haha.
She came to look for me the first thing she landed Singapore (Obviously after putting her luggages at home!) So nice of you, viv, I'm so touched. Hahaha.

Hahaha, shiqi's happy and she feels like blogging cause she saw her two sweethearts! lol! ;D

Supposed to meet up with qing later but I decided to be ZHAI NV, so I gave it a miss too. So she went out with Jamie instead. Sorrry! I'm not in the town mode recently, wanna stay at home. Prolly meeting her tmr instead. (:

Very act, haha!
P/S: Stupid internet connection sucks. fux you! Hahaha.

P/S/S: Viv's staying over, I'm going to update tmr I guess.

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