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Tuesday, July 15 |10:13 PM

I have really awesome friends. (L)

I haven't blogged a proper entry since a thousand years (And you know I'm kidding. = =). The long lost touch with the net, okay I actually use the comp everyday, but like less than an hour, actually made my computer slower. It's now filled with viruses and the speed is freaking slow. It's hinting to me that I should be studying. (; What a great computer I have here.

& That does not mean that I'm going to blog proper today. I know the words above are like totally random.

I have awesome friends, (; Mei's very nice, she made sushi-like-thing for us, the six of us. The ingredients aren't very cheap, but she made it for everyone and it was like huge. It's some round ball, with Sashimi (!), Crab sticks inside. & sher brought fried rice too! Ohmy. I don't know why but our clique's becoming more like a housewife. Hehehe, I'm bringing making pancakes for them tomorrow!

Hahaha. Lin looked very lost today, since the morning. I could tell that she cried last night, and when I told her that I can see that she cried yesterday, she totally broke down and cried. ): Sorry! Sighs, I didn't know how to consoul her, because I was afraid that I'd make her cry again. Plusplus, the rest didn't know a thing! Well, she kept it well I suppose?

Anyways, finally done with chinese o's! (: I must get the grades that I want.

I'm pretty tired out even though it's just the start of a new week. & I'm quite into jap/korean songs now. lol?

PL MUSICAL'S THIS SATURDAY BABEHH! Yet another time to bond. (;

Here are the pictures that've been accumulated since idk when.

I'm nuts.

Back to my books, bye.

P/S: 11 Days to Hei Xia babehhhh!

Self note: 34days to Prelims! 97days to O's!

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