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“ once again. ”
Friday, July 18 |11:26 PM

There she goes AGAIN.

Second time this term, second time out of 16days. Stupid childish actions. I do not understand what is wrong with her. She gets angry because we asked her out for Ice Cream tomorrow, but unfortunately she can't make it cause she is grounded.

Fyi, we do not know that she's grounded (except me). But she doesn't act as if she is grounded because she still comes to my house. *rolls eyes* Put that aside.

Last week,

We went to gift shop to purchase some food, we did tell her that we were going. Apparently, she didn't hear it. So she assumed that we left her there alone. And me, knowing that she hates to be alone, still left her alone there. I admit I was in the wrong, but I thought she was okay with it already. Because two days ago, I left her alone while I purchased something but she had no feelings about it.

The gift shop was filled with people, so we left her for about 5mins. (?) When we came back and talked to her, she was obviously unhappy. Then she walked off alone, WHICH IS TOTALLY CRAZY AND NOT HER. Yup, we knew that she was angry.

Only I knew that she was angry because we left her alone. The rest was oblivious I suppose. They were shocked that she was angry over such a small matter.

She was angry and stuck to S for chapel. Apparently, S wanted her to patch up with us, so she told her "Hey, A is sitting here. Don't sit here la" So she had nowhere to go but to sit beside Q. I wasn't there because was at another row. What I'm going to say later is based on what S,Q and M's convo.

So when she sat down, Q asked her why she was sitting there. (She was supposed to be angry) She thought that she's the Queen la, she said "You think I want to sit here. I also don't want. S chased me away la!" Of so many empty seats, she have to sit with Q? Obviously she doesn't have other choices/friends to chose from. M replied her "You don't want to sit here can go away la!" Then they quarreled, I do not want to elaborate.

Few days later, we patched up.

This wednesday,

We were deciding to go citylink for the new choc shop. We've decided the time and date, this saturday because it's the school's muscial. So when Q told her "Hey, we going to eat choc this sat, you want?" She flared up and walked away.


Tell me what is wrong with that girl.

But she still decided to talk to M and W, I guess cause they aren't going. I have no idea why but she was angry with me too. S told me she was angry because she's grounded, she can't go out and got no money.


I know she might be unhappy cause we're going without her, but that doesn't give her the right to #$%^&*()ing even be angry with Q. Q didn't even know she was grounded.

On that day she was okay with M and W, so we kinda patched up. But she flared up again cause I went studying with W. I did not tell her. Okay, she isn't my mother. I do not need to report to her. I did not want to tell her because I know she's tell me "I AM GROUNDED. HOW YOU WANT ME TO GO?" Tell her also wrong, don't tell her also wrong. Shitzxzxzxz.

Then on Thursdays, we were fine.

But Q told me that she said that she disliked me. Wah, she is the bomb. Before that she told me she dislike P. For what? For P assuming her of dirtying the table, but she didn't. *rolls eyes* Plus, P is her good friend. Just two weeks ago she said she liked me more than Q, and now she said that she dislike me.

Okay, acceptable. She can dislike me all she want. I am not going to give a damn.

YA, SHE DISLIKES ME BUT MESSAGES ME NONSENSE. Like 1)Yubai today show what? Please, I don't watch it, how I know? 2) I'm eating apple for dinner
And so?

She's so shit.

Today she got angry again for idk what reason. She overheard S and my convo, she thought too much and thought that I knew she said that she dislike me. = = I don't know where she got the idea I was angry, but...

She texted me,

She is A and am Q.

A: Eh. You angry with me ah?

Q: Yes, few days ago.

The truth is, I am still angry.

A: Cos you think that I keep getting angry over small things Right.

Q: Yes.

A: Tell you what. I ALSO DON'T KNOW WHY. I think i pms-ing. But come to think of it. Where got pms so long one. Somemore my mesnse still haven't come yet eh

Excuses. You can pms the rest of the 2008 & all your life, by then say bye to me. You can pms I cannot is it!?

Q: Yes, I knoew you were pmsinglast wk. This wk too. But you can't be pmsing forever..

A: Ya la. But I thought about smth during english. (What?) You say you cannot group tuition and you are like going with two ppl? And Q just ps me like that next friday?

Q: I am just trying out. I wasn't the one who initiated the tuition thing. W asked me so I just go and try. ya i know i'm wrong and u're angry with me too

My fault W don't want to ask you to join the tuition meah? The fact is that you are jealous.

A: But you all one by one ps me

Q: For Q case, you still have meiee. And what did i ps you for tuition?

WTH?!? PS HER IN WHAT WAY LA. I was never in the same tuition as her neither I left her alone or what when I went tuition. = =

A: Ya. That time got midyears then i also asked ou what. Okay. Forget it. Put that aside. What time you want need tmrw (I think she had typo error)

Q: actually cause we talk alot then i can't concentrate tuition la.

A: Aiya. Answer my question

Q: i don't know.

Don't feel like replying her already. Meet what time also not her problem, SHE IS GROUNDED.

A: Attire?

Q: Haven't decided.

A: Hey. I maybe need to borrow necklace from you.

Q: Which one? I confirm wearing necklace too.

WTH??? still dare to ask me for necklace.

A: Great -.- lol. decided what time to meet?

Q: huh? meet? you mean meet earlier? :/

A: Eh. I ask you ah. Cityhall got place sell cake. I want buy for my dad

Q: I thought you grounded?

A: What. I told him say go eat lunch and dinner

Q: oh, you coming with us is it?

A: If not why I ask you meet what time

Q: I thought you grounded what. How i know you can come? Somemore that time you say until like you cannot come.

Plus angry with us like the whole world offended you.

A: Pekcek what. lol

Q: Pecek? Don't understand what talking you. No link.

Pekcek is your problem. We are friends, you can tell us what you're pekcek about and not take us as your bin to vent you anger! Wlao. Pekcek gives you the right to be angry is it?

A: That time pekcek so say until cannot go la.

Q: ...

So being grounded is fake?

A: So tmrw meet what time. Decided what to wear ready not?

Q: they meeting at cityhall at 2. i meeting S, we go somewhere else first.

A: Where

Q: Dont' know.

A: Then me ley

Q: you want you meet at my house at 1230

You go and die la! Never invite you come then you want to come. Invite you come then scold us, angry us!

I so nice, know that she don't know how to take mrt. 16 years old already, don't know!? wlao. That's why ask you come with us. If not some shit will happen again.

A: Okay. Are you like putting make up?

Q: No. I going to sleep already. Gdnight.

Q: Btw, so if you get scolded by your dad it's not our fault. Yup, okay, gdnight bye.

A: Whats your problem la. I say I tell him le what.

Q: I am just worried that you may be pecek or sth? *shrungs*

A: ...


You caused so much trouble, I am so tired and bored of trying to please you already. Once or twice pms is suitable. You've been pmsing too much.

Don't blame pms for everything my dear girl. Awwwww.

So find something else better to do.