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“ Mixed emotions ”
Saturday, August 30 |1:16 PM

Part one of prelims has just been marked to an end.


Prelims prelims has brought some friendship problems. ); I've not changed, I know that. I am still the same me. Just that I tell you off more directly now, because I do not want to keep things in my heart. It'll be worst.

I do not know what is wrong, but you've been getting jealous & angry over small things. Yes, small minor things. I do not understand why you're so petty. I know you're feeling the insecurity in your heart, but don't you know that friends can't be sooo sticky? ;X I know how you're feeling because I'm exactly like you last time. Being like that doesn't help you at all. It'll just bring yourself unwanted trouble.

I do not know how to help you now. I look at you and now I feel like... we're strangers. Your attitude is turning worst. I am just totally speechless when I'm with you.

Take that aside.

I'm actually happy because I've met Mrs Tng (My Primary school form teacher yesterday!) and caught up with my other primary school mates even though I felt like bashing some people up (Talk that later). ;D I missed Mrs Tng so much! She's like my second mother! hahahha.

Camwhored basically the whole day... From school to esther's house. :D

Okay I've got tonns of pics to upload but I've got to prepare for tuition. So I'll update later. (:

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