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“ 7boyfriends ”
Wednesday, September 10 |4:33 PM

I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so (x infinity! That shows that I'm really) glad that Huya & Xiaole is back on mofan.

Gosh the new mofan is... terrible. Like 9 didis are in the danger of 'eliminating' that's like almost half already lor! And there's this XiaoGui whose parts have been cut away, maybe cause he quit already. ;x no idea but the other time I think he's quite shuai. So stupid lor, he was the only one I liked (by the looks) before the new batch of didi came in, hahaha.

Arghhhh. It's quite freaky cause he just sits there and they cut away all his parts. Boooo!


I wasted 4 hours in school waiting for the paper to start. Hahaha, no one bothered to study for the paper luh! Went to some nearby coffee shop for lunch.

Whoooo, I felt better today. Maybe because of the company. ;X No idea why, hahaha. Anyway I hope I'll remain as happy and optimistic. Walked home today because I wanna emo on the streets. Hahaha! Ah well, cause sherminh wasn't here and I think walking home is a better option. I dislike taking the bus lor, grrrrrr.

So talking about it, I've been wasting 90cents everyday just to accompany sherminh, lol? Okay, lamo oh oh.

Mom said that I might be emo nowadays because of the flu. I do not see the link though, hahahah. Seriously. She said she was very emotional when she had flu and all. Hahahaha, I hope that true. (; Then I won't have to be emo again. Say bye to emo-ness.

Hahahaha. I'm perfectly fine now. I hope it's not moodswing. ;P

HAHAHAHAHA, okay. I'll date with Mr Physics and Mr Chemistry. (;

Hahahahah, I have 7boyfriends.

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