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“ @#$%^&*() ”
Wednesday, September 17 |9:36 PM


You're much for my capacity, I'm gonna explode tomorrow. Yea, tomorrow. With my fellow other friends who felt strongly about the same thing.

I am not going to say who is it because apparently my school is going out on a stupid search & we'll get demerit points. (;

Hmmmmmm, just in case I don't get what I wanna say across tomorrow... Here's just my point of view (now) because I'm feeling very strongly for it now. I'm afraid I'll wake up tomorrow and say "Nah, it's okay."

Here it goes:

It is unfair to judge us. It is unfair to say that we do not care. If we do not care, we wouldn't be here to talk to you now. We'll rather be at home studying than wasting time talking to you now. So you think we do not care? That's ridiculous la. Because we care, that's why we're here to talk to you to solve the problem. If we do not care, we would just leave you alone to evaporate into thin air. Who would care about your existence?

(okay I'm going to end this in 5mins time, I need to seriously study)

I think your hate against —— is really not justifiable. You just hate her because... YOU HATE HER. Oh wow, she didn't even slap you or do anything bad to you. Why do you hate her? She's really poor thing. If you think you're left out, what about _? Isn't she worst? She isn't even invited to our outings because you hate her. We pamper you too much that it seems like we hate her too. But we don't. We pamper you too much that's why you're getting too unreasonable? Haha, I think so. We should stop pampering you.

It isn't that you can't change, it's that you DO NOT MAKE AN EFFORT TO CHANGE. You're always reverting back to your old self.

I don't care if you don't want to listen or take in our words. But think again, you'll suffer in poly. They are all Hi Bye friends. Who are you going to stick to? You need to learn to be independent and not always rely on other people. Remember there was one sermon about this? I bet you don't. K nvm.

And it's not fair to say that we do not want to teach you. You didn't even ask! And we did try to teach you, you didn't try to learn. I don't see the effort. What for me waste my time on someone who doesn't want to study? I could have done like 3 chapters instead of teaching you one simple concept which you don't fucking bother to listen or study. I WASTE MY TIME LEH.


If I don't care, I wouldn't fret lor. Stupid.

You said that we do not want to teach you because we're afraid that if we teach you, you'll get higher than us? HAHA, THAT IS SO FUCKING FUNNY LOR.


We do not hate you, we're just telling you this because we've been putting up with this for quite some time. If you don't change, we'll change.

We'll shun away from you, seriously.

We tried so hard to please you, but you think we don't care. Even my mom can see that.

k 5 mins up, i need to go bye.