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“ Bachelorette Service ”
Thursday, October 9 |5:05 PM

The secondary fours express and fives had our last chapel service, the Bachelorette Service.


It was only yesterday that I began to realise that I'm going to leave the walls of Pl very soon (yes, not more than 31 more days. I don't know if it's gd or bad. Because it marks both the end and the start of something) But I do know that I do not wish to leave Pl.

It's quite sad because I wasn't even able to take sit beside bestie during the last service. There was a place beside her but I couldn't move or else something bad will happen. I'm sorry bestie. ); But you had Edna & Amanda. (: The thought of the last chapel actually taunted me throughout the whole Sing & Praise session. I was dull and moody, even on the verge of crying when they sang some particular song (idk the title) Sighs. The thought of not being able to experience just this one last chapel with bestie added on to the sadness.

(Arghhhhh, splitting us up during normal days is tolerabel! But but but it's the last chapel!)

Okay, and so the pastor preached & all. I was super emotional and I kept telling myself.. "I do not want to graduate... I don't wanna leave this place" Awww, sounded like mfbbt, lol. To add on to all these unhappiness, the girl beside me doesn't understand the significance of this whole service & doesn't understand my feelings. She even sacarstically said "Why so sad? Oh, *mimicks* cause it's the last service... aww..." I looked at her and gave the '...' face. What the hell? It may not mean a lot to you, but it means a lot to me.

Hello, my goodness me. It is not a game or an outing. -.- Please have some respect. Don't go just for the sake of going lah! Wpiang. Pissed off leh. A person who thinks the bible is boring actually went up. Irony.

Okay, then the teachers showed us their slides. Gosh, I cried.

Yeah, I cried. That girl beside me was so hard and cold, so I tried to hold back my remaining tears.

Oh well.

That was basically the Bachelorette Service.

I regretted for not being able to experience this with someone who treasures this memory. ); Sighs.

I shouldn't have let her gone her ways.

Anyway, I'm really sad that it's the last service. Probably my last chapel service? I wouldn't know unless I go into a misson school the next time.

k that's all.