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Saturday, October 4 |1:36 AM

Hello everyone.

I've decided to stop harping about the same issue once and for all. This will be last time I will want to address this issue. If any case I do mention about it, it will be short and not lengthy/repetative. Okay, I am not exactly addressing it now, but oh well, I just want to say I do not want to talk about it anymore, really. I am not a bit concerned.

(: Today is productive for me, yea. I did:

-emaths congruence & similarity ws
-emaths mensuration
-amaths holy innocent's paper
-physics tys (4-5 chapts?)
-literature quotes from scene 1 to scene 4.

Hahaha, I'm so proud of myself. I think going to school is pointless. The travelling time is already a wastage of time, plus the school friends and everything. They distract people, hahaha. Not that it's bad, but you know.. at times like this, it is bad. ;p

Out of a whole, only 1/4 of what the teacher says is important. However this 1/4 is very important and thus we have to pick this 1/4 out of the whole boring lesson. -.- Yea, I think it's quite ridiculous because it is not at all productive. If I stayed at home, I'd have done thrice more. But for the sake of the 1/4, I have to go. Or else I'll consider giving myself a study break.

Freak, I just missed all the slacky and unimportant days! ): There's like so many humans lessons next week, how to pon! Grrrr grrrrr grrrrrrrrrr.

I do not know how I can be so calm and type here like that. It's 1:39AM and I'm not tired. Arghhh, I am noctural, yes I am. It's my peak hour.

Okay, so that's all for now.

I'll date Mr Chemistry now, in my room at this time. Woah~~