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“ the last lap ”
Saturday, October 11 |1:41 AM

School has ended officially. Everything happened too fast, too swift for me to even realise that this is the truth. ): But yes, that is the ugly truth. School has ended and o's are starting in 5 days time. I am not prepared but I'm prepared. K that's some irony there. What I meant was.. i think i am prepared for the o's but then I think my carelessness will cost me a lot of marks!

Haiyo, I cried today because it was the last day, lol.

Clickers. (Four people missing!)

I have been studying very very very hard. Yeah, I know that. (: I shall leave everything to God. (: I've done my best already, hehe.

Anyway, we took loads of pictures today, but it's all with Arielle, Gloria and of course wanlin! Sigh, I only have three pathetic ones.

k after that we went to heartland for lunch and to shop for bra. (: Met up with Chris, he came over and then I went out shopping with my mom.

Haha, I know I seem very relaxed.

I like this pic

As far as concerned, I will not be blogging until the 11th of november. Incidentally, the last day of o's, my mother's ROM (yes la, Register of Marriage, is it?) & sherminh/stephy's birthday. Packed that day, so I guess I'd be back on the 12 or 13th, yep!

My birthday is on the 19th of october, one day before the first written paper. I wonder if anyone remembers. Happy birthday to myself in advance! LOL.

That is all.

God bless everyone! (:

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