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“ Emotional intelligence (EQ) ”
Monday, November 17 |6:40 PM

I distaste people with low EQ, don't you?

I don't care if you have or do not have low EQ. Even if you do have low EQ, you can always pretend.

Pretending may not be easy, but at least it makes the situation better. Or at least you will not offend anyone. Kao, I hate it when people tell me "I am just like that", "It's just me, I can't change". Wow, I think you can go and sing Demi Lovato This is Me.-.- That is not a reason, you are just avoiding.

I get it, I get it. Sometimes some people are just born like that. Brrr, but sometimes it's common sense you know. Please read the following, I think you people will know why I'm pissed.

faints, normal people will at least feel a sense of guilt. Hello? I rejected because of you, BECAUSE OF YOU. Now I feel like an idiot rejecting the offer. Rejecting for someone who doesn't know how to appreciate it. No matter how close we are, you still can't do this. At least say things like "It's okay, you can go without me" If you said that I'd willingly reject it. I feel like an idiot okay. But whatever, I got the ticket already, fudge you.

Piangzxzxz. I really dislike people with low EQ. The tolerance point for you is decreasing. I can always trash you if I want to, it's not like there's no one to accompany me. Don't test my patience.

I don't think you'll like it if anyone spoils your birthday. Her birthday is bad enough already, you made it worst. There's something called karma. For now, I just want to end my secondary four life happily. Don't spoil my mood tomo.

k la, i am just in bad mood. gdbye