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“ confession ”
Wednesday, December 17 |10:42 PM

I have a confession to make...

I am in love with Edward Cullen.

Gosh, I didn't know I'd be this infatuated with him. I thought he's ugly. There's such thing called inner beauty I suppose, I am so in love with him now.

Edward's hot, haha! But Bella's really too white for a normal human being.

My mother is hella funny.

Yesterday, I saw this lizard in the kitchen, i was so freaked out. My mom was there, and this was what happened:-

me: why did you let the lizard run?!
mom: it's its home here...
me: it is OUR home.
mom: aiya, the lizard also stay here.
me: But you cant just let it run, he is trespassing!!
mom: then what you want me to do? you can't expect me to kill it right?
me: you should!
mom: Why!
me: because my lizards are just like yr cockroaches!
mom: but cockroaches are disgusting.
me: so are lizards! What if they crawl onto our plates and walk and shit on them huh!
mom: No they won't!
me: you sure?
mom: yea...

Then she immediately ran to the sink, took a cloth and covered the plates, LOL!

Hahah, this is random, but I think Edward reminds me of Chuck.

My bangs are long and horrible.

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