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“ You're not me ”
Monday, December 15 |11:14 PM

You're not me, you won't understand how I feel.

Damn, do you know how I feel right now? Insecurity kills. I really don't know how I can trust you. Actions speak more than words. You say this and you say that, but you don't act as if it is like that.

Maybe you're just making me wait bcos you don't want me to feel that I'm a very impt part of yr life? Or that make don't want me to know that you're right beside the phone? Maybe you didn't want me to be too reliable on you?

You didn't say sorry. Neither did you explain to me why you didn't reply. I didn't dare to text again because I was afraid that you think I'm a nuisance. Do you know how worried I was when I didn't receive the reply at alll? Arghhhh.

I asked you why you didn't reply and expressed that I was worried. What did you say... You said "Idk what's wrong with me nowadays..."

What kind of answer is that?! Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with you either.

Damn, sorry I just need to vent my anger somewhere.


Don't expect me to reply you fast either, because I am going to make you wait. Tsk! I know the answer is impt to you, but heck. tsktsktsktsktsk!