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Friday, December 21 |4:34 PM

Have you ever wondered...

Why do people do work in the day? What makes the significant difference of day and night, that things must be done in the day and not night? Why do most people sleep at night and work in the day? Just because the sky is dark and so it's easier to sleep?

I've been wondering why there seem to be lesser people alive at night than in the day. This is just unfair to people whom work better at night, that is, nocturnal mammals. Shops should be opened 24hours, so it's more convenient to the nocturnals.

Look, I wake up at 12PM - 2PM. I take about 2 hours to eat/watch television and get myself hyped up for the day, by the time it'll be 3PM or 5PM. If I do have activities(shopping), l'll reach the place at 6plus, next on will definitely be dinner. After dinner you get to shop for an hour or two before the shops get closed down for the day. What's left for you to do is to watch Midnight movies or some night events (which I doubt I can sneak it). Whooolaaaa, your day is sooo much shorter than those who wakes up at 7AM.

& what if I don't have anything on for the day? I'll start serious work at 4PM, and (usually, for hols) at 5PM I go down to the living room to watch Bai Fen Bai (Because I want to see BBT's news.), by the time of 6PM I get lazy and don't feel like going up to my room. Then at 7PM there is Kinship, which is a must watch! At 8PM there is Nv Ren Wo Zui Da, that is, I'll watch if the topic is interesting. Rest of the time, I'll be coped up in my room reading fanfics/photoshop or doing homework. The sky would be all dark and you don't feel like doing any work because it's just so chilly and cold, I'll want to read more fanfics. Then I'll sleep at 4AM.

The things I'm doing now has lessen a whole lot just because I'm waking up late. Really unfairrr, something should be done to do nocturnals some justice. Hahahaha, even though it's just 2months for the November holidays. :D But if I do wake up earlier then I'll be seeing more of my mother, and she will therefore spy me on what I'm doing staring at the computer, which most of the cases, I am reading fanfics.

Oh and yes, I was viewing Dou Niu's playlist. Then I came across this name Yoga, I don't know if it's Lin You Jia or Zhou Ding Wei, but it suits Zhou Ding Wei more. I was wondering why do celebrities name themselves weird names. Allow me to list some names (Disclaimer: I do not dislike them, just that the names sound weird) Fish Leong, Ocean Yang, Yoga, Tank, Rain, Hebe Tian, Show Luo, Genie Zhuo, Fann Wong Basically that's it, couldn't think of any more at the moment.

Don't you all find these names weird? Perhaps they just want to own a special and unique name but it's abit far too... weird. Maybe it's normal for celebs, but for normal people like us... it's is just weird. I don't own a English name, so I ought to choose one for myself when I feel like it because not everyone pronounces SHIQI correctly, some says Si Qi and for those not mandarin inclined they go SHHHH CHEE? & I'll give a awkward smile.

Nonetheless, I still do think of English names for myself. Like... Jennifer? Cyndi? Deserie? Selena? Yes, it's inspired by celebs/DJs lol! That's all very old and cliche, you get to see the name everywhere in town and it doesn't match me. Now, I was thinking of a unique name. Yes, the celebs brainwashed me. Since they can be called Tank/Yoga/Fish, maybe I should be called Areobics? Bullet? Whales? Dolphins? Sunshine? Hahaha, I personally like aerobics the best.




Tell me I'm a weirdoooo, wait till I find a better name.

It's 4PM now, I've eaten up half of my day by using the laptop.
Below is a emotional post, you won't understand just by reading it.

I realize that I've slowly regarded -guess the person!- as my father. I've just written my Chinese Essay on XX, I got something to tell you. Decided to write Dad, I got something to tell you, because it is easier to express my thoughts and be emotional (normally Chinese essays are emotional! haha) and also because I've written that the last year, so I could copy my previous essay. *evil grins*

Changed some paragraphs/feelings along the way, in the end I wrote a totally different essay with the seemingly same title (dad) but a different person. I kept thinking of him when I was in the process of writing the essay, probably because he's been my 'father' all these years and I slowly think of him as a father, even though I don't express my emotions openly to him.

I feel so bad to him because he's been contributing so much and given me so much but I still don't acknowledge him. Without him, I may have already been thrown out of this house I'm living him, I may have lost my handphone, not watched my idols perform in concerts, not owned cable vision, not able to pay my school fees, not able to enjoy the luxuries I have currently. Without him, my family seems incomplete. I feel bad when you're doing so many things for us without wanting anything in return. You've been tiring yourself because you wanted us to live in a stable family, you've been not sleeping just to finish all those pile of projects, you've not eaten a proper meal because all you care is work. I really feel bad when you're doing these for us...

I always knew you were there. I always knew you existed, I'm not a fool. I knew you were the one who helped me sew my art work when I was in P2, I knew you were the one who helped me in my art project in Sec 2, I knew you were the one who supported my mom, I knew you were the one who was there when I was afraid of the good brothers, I knew you were the one who gave my mom the laptop and printer when I was P5, I knew what's going on with you and my mother, I knew I went to ate Chilli Crab with you at my favorite chicken rice stall and got swollen lips after that, I knew I sat your car when my dad wasn't in Singapore, I knew you were the one who provided the GameBoys and PlayStaions for me to play.

You've always been there even when I'm very very young, I know that. I know almost everything I ought not to know about. I know that you were together with my mom when I was P2. I used to hate you because you seem to destroy my 'happy family'. But without you I wouldn't know what a real family is. It wasn't you who destroyed my family, but you allowed me to realize how a family felt like. My family has been broken before you came into the picture, but you allowed me to feel how is it like again. I'm sorry for all the misunderstandings I had in the past. "Father" has never been in my dictionary when I was 7, you gave the word a whole new meaning. I know (once again) I haven't really talked to you, but I hope you can see I've accepted you in my heart already.

Thank you so much for all you've done.
From the day I went to Ikea.

I have no eyes!

Alittle bigger than the above.

Hahaha, ugly set of pictures but I feel like posting them anyway.

Swollen leg @ the physicians.

Time to take out! Thunder legs, god.

Went back for checkup. The damn satellite thing is damn hot.

This is how my living room look like now. Super empty la.

Sorry for random pictures! I'm gonna continue my Chinese emotional essay~
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