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“ pre exams stress. ”
Wednesday, April 30 |5:28 PM

I'm only typing this because I'm watching Gossip Girl. (;

Yay, I've passed my Napfa for the very first time without retaking! Heh heh. I managed to pass my standing broad jump, which is, very shocking. I've never jumped above 150cm. This time I jumped 160cm.

& I improved my 2.4 timing too. Even though it's still a D (I think). Haha. It's really heartwarming when I hear people cheering the class and I on. :D And thanks to vivien for running with me during the last round. Thanks mei ee for cheering me on every single round. Thanks qing who initially wanted to run the last round with me, haha. I don't know who were the rest who cheered me, but thanks everyone! You made my day, haha.

Mei ee counted 20 hours to study as of now, 5PM. Yes, that's how much time I have left and here I am typing and watching Gossip Girl. Ewww, why is Vanessa with Nate! Nate actually kissed her, my god. Anyone but not Vanessa! GAH.



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