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“ Festival Of Praise 08 ”
Saturday, August 2 |5:30 PM

Festival Of Praise was awesome. ;D I went for the first night though. They said that it'll get better, sighs. I couldn't make it today cause I have a date with ——. Hahah, I went with Impact Youth. (; Finally saw them after 3-4 months? (except Samantha) lol, that's quite a long one.


We had difficulty finding our way there. Plus, we were late already. We had to squat down and eat at the MRT station, lol? That is very pathetic. Then after that we just followed the crowd to the Indoor Stadium. We didn't even know if we were following the right person. LOL. We asked this guy who was like 10m away from us, and we went "EXUSE ME!" several times. Then he replied and said he was, too, finding his way there. So we followed him and then I think he got scared he ran away. -,-

It was a great experience, haha.

& Qing stayed over after that. She got sidetracked by my laptop! How can. ); Okay lor, then I did my Physics & emo play guitar, lol. Sucha boring twosome.

I luvo my class! Hahaha. We're so cool, we make a 39people band. When other classes are mugging away, we stay back every alternate day to rehearse. (; Hahaha.

Ohmgosh, by that time I'll be mugging my head off.

Somemore Heixia just started. Mingzhong gonna show on 56, then I still have to watch mfbbt. GAHHHH~

Why is this happening to me when I'm in Sec 4?


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