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“ nineteen days. ”
Saturday, September 27 |8:08 PM

& I don't really like to talk to A class people because their vocabs are way to luxurious for my ear to hear. They make me feel stupid. They discriminate people, except the minorities. (:

Hahaha, that was a freaking random thought.

I hate my layout now. The words are so small but I can't make it any bigger unless I increase the size of the text, which I do not wish to do so.

Anw, I met up with my long lost biological father last week. I shall call him the white porcupine as he has a potruding mole of about 1cm x 1cm, with a few short spikey white hairs on it. Ewwww! & He looks more china-ish now. Must be the person he hangs out with.

I told him just to leave me alone. I failed in doing so, instead the lawyer has drilled a notebook out of him, which I'm going to get it this week! I'm ecstatic! (:

He asked me to text him the specs. I did, and told him the exact model I wanted plus another more expensive model in comparison so that he'll choose the one that I like & buy it for me. Mind you, he is stingy.

Unfortunately, he doesn't agree to give me a Sony Vaio. He said I be more practical and realistic and ended the whole message with "Daddy loves you" -,- Even suggested another brand, shan't say which because I do not want to offend anybody.

Tsk, can't bear to part with your money then come straight to the point. Don't have to make excuses to justify yourself. My mom could have just easily bought one for me if I asked, but I didn't want to because I feel the pitch if my mom uses her money to buy it for me. I feel better if I get it from him because he is just a nobody to me.

Srsly, I couldn't bring out anything to reminise about him. He said that he was good to me and my mother was the one who disciplined and hit me in the past. Yes, that is the truth, but I am happy to be disciplined by her. And I feel the pain when I see what he did to my mom.

I wasn't very involved in the whole issue but I empatheize with my mom.

I am fine without him because it doesn't make a difference anyway. But it is sickening when he is so freaking stingy. (I am not saying this just because of the notebook) The problem would be solved earlier if he would to pay the maintanence, although we don't need it. But heck, he's supposed to.

Arghhh, pissed lor.

Got money don't wanna spend on us, spend on other people who will end up running away with YOUR money. LOL. I feel so ashamed of having a father like that. Rich so what? Go university so what? Still stupid.


But anyway, I found a cheaper Vaio, I hope and pray that he'll agree to give me that. I've dropped my expectations by half already okay! I think he should give in too. It takes two hands to clap.


Okay, even if he doesn't give me that I will still be happy. What for harp over a notebook. Am just pissed cause he is so stingy!

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