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“ moooo-day ”
Thursday, December 11 |2:42 AM

I kinda dislike myself at times like this.

I'm such a failure. I'm so useless. I don't know anything. I feel so stupid. >):

My parents shelter me too much. (p/s: But at least I know how to use public transport unlike some kukus) Well, I really want to start working or at least have an experience, but my mom just doesn't allow. She doesn't want me to work, and want me to rest instead.

Right. Too much rest, tooo much. Too much to the point I start demoralising myself. Tsk.

Sometimes I wish I could use the surrounding to numb my mind.

Bestie just got back today. (: I miss her so much!

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Suddenly felt like doing something, so I did this. I was too lazy to put any watermark, but these aren't beautiful and am not really proud of it, so just let it be.

I'm just mooody.

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