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“ not happy ”
Tuesday, December 9 |3:45 PM

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lol, this is funny. I don't believe that the sword can't be seen from that angle. & It's damn funny how he can dry & style his hair in such a short period of time. (after jumping into the fountain)

Haha, sg dramas are like that too. So inlogical.

Anyway, I am in deep trouble. Sometimes I really have my own reasons for not inviting or not saying anything to you. Okay, I know you treat me as your bestfriend (maybe).

I admit I did treat you as my bestfriend in the past, but after all the events that I went through (with her/regarding her) in the past, I realise that I can't actually live with you.

You are not me, you don't understand.

It always comes in a package. Whenever people ask me out, I have to ask them if they want you along. Sometimes I know they don't want you along, but they just can't say it out. You know, my feeling towards you isn't as a friend anymore, but you're just a burden to me.

I don't understand why I have to tell you every single thing, you are not anyone to me.



K I am mean I know, but I've given in too much lor. I hope you understand why I didn't ask you.

I'm sorry for that, but as for the rest, I have nothing to be sorry about.

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